The struggle to afford Insomnia Medication

There are a variety of Insomnia medications prescribed to manage symptoms.  Many of the most commonly prescribed are available in generic form.  Although the cost is more affordable, in many cases it is still over $100 per month for those that have not met their deductible, are uninsured or underinsured.  Triazolam is a generic sedative that is used to treat Insomnia symptoms by producing a calming effect on the brain.  The average cost for Triazolam is over $100.00 for a 60 day supply at 0.25 MG.  Zaleplon is another generic sedative prescribed for Insomnia symptoms that works on certain centers of the brain to result in relaxation to help the patient to fall asleep.  The average cost for Zaleplon is over $100.00 for a one month supply at 10 MG.  That is over $200.00 for the medications that people who suffer from Insomnia have to rely on each month.  These 2 medications can leave many struggling to afford Insomnia medication that they need function each day free form fatigue and exhaustion.

The Solution: Discount Drug Network

Discount Drug Network leverages the power of group purchasing to provide a free discount card that offers up to 85% savings on prescription medication.  An analysis of four commonly prescribed insomnia medications used to manage symptoms showed that Discount Drug Network can save over 75%, and in some cases the savings was over 85%. In the examples of Triazolam and Zaleplon the cost went from over $200.00 per month to less than $50.00.  That is a significant savings for someone struggling to afford Insomnia medication each month.

the struggle to afford insomnia medication
Comparison of cash price and prescription discount card price for Insomnia medication

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