The struggle to afford Insomnia Medication

How It Works: How can anything that is FREE really save me money

The Discount Drug Network card is easy to use.  Visit the Discount Drug Network website and use the pricing tool to find the lowest price in your area.  Then, simply present the Discount Drug Network card at your pharmacy when of drop off your prescription.  It is that easy!

Get your FREE Prescription Discount Card NOW!

Discount Drug Network covers millions of people and leverages the power of group purchasing to negotiate these discounts on behalf of our card holders.  The pharmacies agree to let our members get discount pricing (just like they do already for insurance customers) because they want our business! They not only give our members fantastic discounts, but they also pay us a small transaction fee each time we process a prescription through our network. This allows us to continue to operate, grow, and save our members money! For the first time, the individual consumer gets access to pricing typically reserved for the largest insurance companies.

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