10 things you only know if you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

2. We’re ‘functionally ill’ and have to work out our energy spend

Not all fatigue sufferers are bed bound – it’s a misconception that this is the case. Many of us can still work and go about our daily business, but everything we do comes at a cost.

For one thing there is a delay in fatigue. If I have a day that takes up loads of energy, the side effects can hit two or three days later. If I’ve got a lot on in a week I have to prioritise what I’ll be able to manage. Say you’re given five chocolate bars a day, each bar representing energy. If a friend asks you to do something that costs a chocolate bar. But when you run out, you have to take from the next day’s chocolate quota. So then you start the next day (or day after!) in a deficit.

And just because we’re doing normal things, doesn’t mean we’re not feeling terrible. There is almost never a day we’re feeling 100%.

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