4. You don’t see my worst days because I hide them

Sometimes it takes effort to do the simplest of things, like take a shower. Sometimes it’s easier to work through lunch break than to get up and walk somewhere. But I do them because I have to to have a normal life. This then comes across that all is fine, when really, some days everything is a struggle, emotionally, physically and mentally.

5. It gets dismissed as a mental health issue instead of a physical problem

It’s often thought fatigue is psychosomatic; that it’s caused by depression, or the way a person thinks. The diagnosis comes via a psychiatrist, for example. However, recent findings have started to suggest there are links to an imbalanced microbiome, in other words it can be linked to IBS and abnormal levels of gut bacteria. Research into ME/CFS is still ongoing, with advances in the last couple of years meaning that they’re getting ever closer to a breakthrough on this, proving that the cause is physical not mental, so that sufferers can finally get the right treatment.

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