10 things you only know if you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

9. You have a limit and when you hit it, that’s it

At a particularly bad time, usually when I’m having a bit of a late night or have had a full on day, it’s like I’ve had two bottles of wine without the joy of the alcohol. I struggle to form thoughts and my motor skills are affected; I can feel dizzy and maybe don’t make 100% sense when I speak. That’s it at its worst, and I know that if I’m that bad, I’ll feel bad for several days after too.

10. People tell you you’re just over tired

If I had a quid for every time…

I get told I need more sleep, I need less sleep, that I’m worrying about bedtime too much, that I’m just stressed, that I’m thinking about it too much, that I’m doing too much.

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