Tips for Successful Recovery From Crohn’s Surgery

In the weeks to days before surgery, your doctor may ask you to:

  • Pay special attention to healthy eating
  • Take antibiotics if you have an infection or to prevent a new one
  • Change your  prednisone dosage if you’ve been taking it in the last six months
  • Wear special stockings or take heparin to minimize the chance of blood clots developing in leg veins, which puts you at risk for a pulmonary embolism

“The fitter and healthier you are before surgery, the better your recovery should be,” Church said.

You’ll probably need to clean out your GI system on the day before surgery, Delaney said. This might involve drinking clear liquids, taking oral solutions such as Miralax and Gatorade, or having an enema. You’ll probably be admitted to the hospital the morning of your operation and will meet with your surgery and anesthesia team.

What Happens During Resection Surgery

You’ll be asleep, and in most cases, minimally invasive surgery will be used to remove the diseased portion of the intestine. The removed section is checked by pathology, and your surgery team decides whether the bowel can and should be reconnected. If it is, the surgical connection between the two healthy parts of intestine is called an anastomosis.

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