11 Tips To Help You Get Rid of Insomnia Effectively and Naturally


So How Do You Get Rid of Insomnia Naturally?

If you find it difficult to fall asleep in the initial stages, here are 11 techniques for insomnia which are guaranteed effective:

    • Take a bath or hot shower and relax, to unwind and get rid of the tiredness of the day.  Add Epson salts (sooth and relax achy muscles), a few drops of lavender oil,  or set up your aromatherapy kit.
    • Playing your favorite music softly while taking a bath or under the shower has been proven to help you rid of anxiety, stress and help you relax. The Journal of Advanced Nursing advises that music improves quality of sleep in adults,older women, and adolescents.  Additionally, like we all ll know, lullabies help newborns or infants drift away to sleep– in most cases. Try the adult version of lullabies to help you sleep.
    • Stop using electronics in the bedroom!   Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) are known to interrupt sleep cycles and are responsible for a host of symptoms such as: muscle pain and weakness, fatigue in the mornings, heart palpitations,  irritability, allergies,  and most importantly the weakening of your immune system.  To naturally protect your home and room  get a Himalayan salt lamp This is the one I use  which I use in my office and bedrooms  and will help in reducing the exposure  to harmful EMF’s.
    • Make sure that you go to bed three to five hours after having a light dinner. Heavy dinners may cause you to toss and turn instead of dropping off to sleep, because your metabolism is busy digesting instead of resting.
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