11 Tips To Help You Get Rid of Insomnia Effectively and Naturally

  • Make sure that your bed is comfortable and there is no direct light shining on your face while you sleep. A darkened room can tell your brain to “switch off.” If you still cannot sleep even after the lights have been switched off and find your mind working busily, try this relaxing exercise – Stretch your body and loosen all your muscles.Then stretch your arms above your head, and let your loosened muscles fall into place naturally. Take deep breaths slowly and rhythmically – inhale, exhale.
  • Use thermal insulated  blackout curtains  or blackout blinds (these are what I use in my bedroom)  and that we should all should use.  They provide complete privacy and block out all light. That is what we use at home and not only do they insulate the room but they truly block light and even noise.
  • The ideal temperate to get a good night’s sleep should be no higher than 68 F.
  • Try making your mind a blank by concentrating on a pleasant visual “mind picture.”
  • Drinking good old chamomile, Linden flower (Tilo), gaba  always works and of course my favorite natural sleep aid with valerian– a natural muscle and mind relaxer.
  • Drink a glass of warm milk with honey. This is the best natural soporific and it has been used effectively to put over- energetic children to sleep down for centuries. It works wonders with adults too. Allergic to dairy? Use almond, coconut or your favorite “milk”.  You can also try this turmeric healing drink.
  • Try not to think. Even try not to talk to yourself, especially on the lines of “this is what I am going to tell him/her tomorrow, while at that meeting, lunch etc…” [People do, especially when they cannot sleep.] Pretend that you are already asleep. You are slowly going to find yourself drifting off to sleep.

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