7 Life Lessons From Raising a Child With Down Syndrome

3. There is a lot of support and help available. There is always support for a parent with a child who has special needs. For example, you can enroll your baby in your state’s Early Intervention (EI) program as early as 6 weeks old. As Susan Skallerup describes in her award-winning book, Babies with Down Syndrome: A New Parents’ Guide, early intervention means “intervening early in a child’s life to encourage growth and development. Many different professionals are involved in providing EI services, including specialists in motor skills, language and communication, learning acquisition, and social-emotional development.” You child will begin therapies to help her reach milestones faster and correctly. This will set good paths for future learning.

4. There is much beauty in Down syndrome. Oftentimes my daughter’s beauty takes my breath away: Sparkling almond-shaped eyes that are the same color as her Daddy’s, a captivating smile that often leads to laughter so infectious that the hardest of hearts will melt in response, small hands that are quick to seek mischief and then sign for forgiveness, a cute gap between her toes that is perfect for wearing sandals. Allow your stereotypical reality to crumble and truly get to know the person hidden under the label.

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