What is Alcohol Poisoning? Learn the symptoms

How to Help Someone with Alcohol Poisoning

Any indication of alcohol poisoning is a life-threatening emergency that requires immediate attention from medical professionals. If you believe someone is experiencing the symptoms of an overdose, call 911 right away.

Until an ambulance arrives on-scene, professionals advise you do the following:

  • Stay alert and don’t panic
  • Keep the person in an upright sitting position
  • Make sure the person stays awake
  • Sit near the person and don’t leave them alone
  • Be ready to provide emergency medical responders with information about the person, what happened and other details you may remember

Once the individual has been transported to the hospital, medical staff have a number of ways to treat alcohol poisoning. The type of treatment often depends on the person’s BAC level and the severity of their symptoms. For example, when a person is having trouble breathing due to alcohol poisoning, a windpipe can be inserted to help restore normal breathing. Excessive alcohol consumption may also lead to dehydration and a drop in blood glucose levels. In these cases, medical professionals generally give the person an intravenous drip to help their body remain hydrated and strong.

In life-threatening cases of alcohol poisoning, a person’s stomach may be pumped in order to quickly remove the toxins from their system. This speeds up the process of eliminating alcohol from the bloodstream, reducing the risk of possible fatal consequences.

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