Seven facts about pregnancy after weight-loss surgery

4. You may need to educate your ob-gyn

Since the weight-loss surgery boom is relatively recent, many ob-gyns don’t know how to treat women who’ve had it. Moms who have had the surgery say they’ve been put in the awkward position of educating their obstetricians.

“I’m their guinea pig,” joked Kimberly Jensen, a stay-at-home mom to Ethan in Cheyenne, Wyoming, when she was pregnant after weight-loss surgery. “They’re learning how to treat women who’ve had weight-loss surgery through me. I’m only their first or second patient who’s had the surgery.”

If you’ve had weight-loss surgery and you recently got pregnant or want to get pregnant, start the ball rolling by talking to all your healthcare providers early, recommends Phelan. This will give them a chance to do some research and have the most up-to-date facts at hand when caring for your health.

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