4 Signs Of Thyroid Cancer You Should Watch Out For


signs of thyroid cancer, thyroid cancer symptoms

The thyroid gland is located in the front of your neck, but any bump that doesn’t disappear on its own within a few weeks should be checked out, says Likhterov. “If thyroid cancer has already spread to the nearby lymph nodes, the mass might be on side of the neck where the lymph nodes are instead of in the front where the thyroid gland is.” (Try these 3 ways to keep your thyroid healthy, from Prevention Premium.)

Trouble swallowing

signs of thyroid cancer, thyroid cancer symptoms
As a mass grows it could interfere with your ability to swallow. As with a lump, if this issue doesn’t go away in a few weeks (like a cold or other virus that might cause swelling in the throat would), it’s worth getting checked out.
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