Breast cancer: the most common myths

Woman with breast cancer awareness ribbon

The most common misconceptions about breast cancer.
In women’s health issues many girls tend to be too worried.

Of course, to monitor their health and regularly tested by a doctor — absolutely the right decision, but you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the Internet, self-diagnose themselves with all sorts of disease and become a true hypochondriac. Unnecessary and often baseless worry will not benefit your nervous system and health in General.

Experts dispel 7 common myths about breast cancer.

1. Antiperspirants may cause breast cancer

You must have heard that the chemicals in deodorants can enter your body through scratches and cuts after shaving machines and cause disease. But don’t immediately throw away your antiperspirants: some experts argue that this assumption is still no evidence.

2. Most of the seals in the breast are cancer

If you find in their Breasts any indurations or lumps, do not panic. In many cases, blame is a cyst (fluid filled SAC) or scar tissue. A symptom of a cancer may be a solid seal that does not hurt when touch and rough to the touch.

Try to keep track of any tumors, and sensations that occur with your Breasts, and upon the slightest concerns make an appointment to see a doctor.

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3. To worry about breast cancer should only be the case if they have hurt someone from your family

This disease can affect anyone, even a man, but some details can increase the risk of its development. If in your family someone was ill with breast cancer, it increases your chances of getting them also increases the risk the fact that you have had to deal with breast cancer. But this does not mean that the disease will touch you.

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