Breast cancer: the most common myths

4. Breast cancer can develop women only

In the U.S. the disease affects 1 in 8 women. Do girls breast cancer sick 100 times more often than men, however — as mentioned above — they may have to deal with this disease. In addition, an important factor in the development of cancer is age — two of the three cases, it affects women from 55 years and older.

5. The best way to identify breast cancer at an early stage — MRI

In fact, the chances of developing the disease decreases with regular mammography. A chest x-ray will help detect cancer before you discover the signs and feel the symptoms. Oncologists say that women need to be screened at least once a year, especially after 45 years.

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Do not be afraid to harm your health the radiation dose in this procedure is quite small.

6. Chest pain is one of the main signs of breast cancer

Breast cancer often develops without symptoms. Among the possible signs: lump in breast, change in shape, nipple discharge. The pain is sometimes observed, but not in all cases.

7. To prevent breast cancer, you need to avoid stress

Actually, the best way to prevent breast cancer is exercise. Walking, swimming, Cycling and other physical activities reduce the chances of breast cancer by 10-20 %. This is especially effective for women who have begun menopause. Oncologists say that 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week will benefit any girl.

Do not panic upon the slightest suspicion of breast cancer. However, it is crucial to undergo regular screening and to discuss with your doctor any changes that occur to your Breasts.

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