How Anxiety Affects Sex, Because The Brain & Body Are Connected

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Anxiety can take a toll on a person’s life, including the sexual aspect. That’s why knowing a bit about how anxiety affects sex is so crucial for the person suffering as well as their partner. Once a couple understands the body’s reaction to this sense of panic, they can adjust their expectations. It can also help them both cope with what’s going on (or not going on) in the bedroom and help them find possible solutions.

There are many people who suffer from anxiety and there are several types of anxiety people can suffer from, including generalized anxiety, panic disorders, social anxiety disorder and many more, according to the Mayo Clinic. Not to mention, anxiety affects everyone differently. What triggers anxiety in one person may be different for another. The main way you know if you’re suffering from anxiety is if your fear keeps you from doing things you love and impacts crucial activities in your life like work, school, social interactions, relationships, and sex.

Many anxiety disorders lead to dysfunction and dissatisfaction in the bedroom, which can be a disappointing reality for couples on many levels, not just physically. Once the issues are identified, however, most can be worked through with time, treatment, and understanding. Here are nine ways anxiety can affect sex to help you identify your feelings and work through them.

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