How Anxiety Affects Sex, Because The Brain & Body Are Connected

You Can’t Be Present

People who have anxiety often find it difficult to be fully present for many things in life, including sex.

“Anxiety doesn’t allow you to be present during sex,” therapist Kimberly Hershenson tells Romper. “It doesn’t even allow you to have erotic thoughts and responses since your mind is often preoccupied.”

Dr. Sarah Allen echoes this, and tells Romper that constant worry can be distracting and really take a toll on a couple’s connection. “When people have anxiety they spend a lot of time in their head,” she says. “Sex needs you to be feeling things in your body, so that disconnect can make it hard to enjoy the activity and your partner will also not enjoy it so much if you are not mentally present.”

It Causes Low Libido

“If you’re anxious, the thought of sex will be nerve wracking as opposed to arousing,” Hershenson says. “Anxiety causes the mind to focus on the negative and it is difficult to overcome them with positive emotions such as sexual desire. This can lead to a low libido.”

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