How Anxiety Affects Sex, Because The Brain & Body Are Connected

It Impacts Your Performance

Anxiety can cause your whole body to tighten up, which can also affect how your body responds to being sexually stimulated. And not in a good way.

“Muscle tension can cause less lubrication and vaginal pain during sex,” Allen says. “Therefore women worry before the next time that it might hurt again and that becomes a vicious cycle with fear of pain.”

It Affects Your Relationship

This is probably the hardest part for many people when it comes to their anxiety. The toll it takes on sex and what that means for your relationship is a tough pill to swallow.

“If you have daily anxiety about general life stresses you don’t have space to work on your relationship and good relationships need time and effort,” Allen says. “Anxiety is mentally exhausting and who wants to make time for sex and relationships when they are exhausted.”

Additionally, the lack of sex and romance can create a rift. “Anxiety can make it difficult to even enjoy your partner and their romantic gestures,” Hershenson points out. “When in a state of panic, individuals often want to be left alone and not touched which causes distance in the relationship.”

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