How Anxiety Affects Sex, Because The Brain & Body Are Connected

7It Could Cause Intimacy Issues

“Anxiety can have a significant affect on intimacy,” psychotherapist Maya Benattar tells Romper. “It’s really hard to be in the moment and enjoy sensual, intimate moments when your mind is constantly racing, and pulling you either back to the past or ahead to the future.”

On the flip side, this challenge provides couples an opportunity to explore other ways of being intimate with one another.”If sex isn’t possible for you now, engage in other romantic gestures,” Hershenson suggests. “Hold hands, snuggle on the couch, and kiss each other good bye.”

Hershenson recommends that those who suffer from anxiety talk to their partner and be open about their challenges. Bottling up your feelings will only make things worse. Talking to a therapist alone or together may be a good option because anxiety shouldn’t make you feel shame. If you get treated and work on the sex component, the issues you’re facing may just be a temporary bump in the road on your way to bedroom bliss.