Gastric bypass is a major surgery. And recovery is not fun. You’ll be tired, uncomfortable and hungry for the first couple of weeks after surgery.  You will likely be depressed and second guess yourself every single day. “Did I make the right choice?” “Is this really worth it?” Your clear liquid diet is not fun at all. “More chicken broth for lunch?”

But listen, you’ve gone through surgery. You’ve made the tough decision to have surgery. You’ve weighed the risks and benefits and this is the path you’ve chosen. You’ve prepared your family and friends. You’ve suffered for years because of your weight. You’ve made the right choice. Now you have to stay the course and get through the toughest time after gastric bypass surgery. The first month is a struggle emotionally and physically.

It’s important to start your new life on the right foot. This is not a New Year’s resolution. This is a new life and a new you. You can’t give yourself the option to fail. And yes, its possible to fail in the first month. Here’s how. You don’t follow the guidelines. You don’t incorporate exercise into your daily routine. You continue to take the elevator or find the closest parking spot. Guess what? You’ll still lose weight. Gastric bypass will make you lose weight the first year. That’s the beauty of the procedure. But you’ll still fail.

You haven’t made changes, you’ve given yourself options. New Year resolutions are meant to be broken. They are nice but they aren’t permanent. Gastric bypass is a change that has to be permanent. Don’t give yourself the option to cheat. Have you heard the people say, ‘Everything in moderation’? That is not true for people who suffer with obesity. Moderation leads to cheating and cheating leads to failure. Do not give yourself the option.

Enough of my rant. Below are 5 steps that will start you on the path to a successful gastric bypass recovery.

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