Don’t just read over your post-op diet and follow-it for the ‘most part.’ Follow it to the ‘T.’ Why? Because this is the new you. You might not be the CEO of a major company or have the career you want. Your love life might be in a rut. But you can control your diet. You can succeed at being healthy. You can be proud at the end of the worst day at work because you didn’t cheat. You stuck to your diet. You can feel horrible, but if cheating on your diet is not an option, then you won’t turn to food for comfort. You’ll sit in your bed, feel horrible, yell at your spouse, routinely be mean to everyone around you for no reason. But that is better than cheating on your diet. And tomorrow you won’t feel so bad. Tomorrow is another day. And if you wake up with your walk and a healthy breakfast, the day becomes different. It becomes better.

Once you have control over your diet, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. You’ve won and you’re winning. When I decided to go gluten free, I didn’t have to remove everything in the house that was laden with gluten. Gluten wasn’t even an option. I stocked more nuts, fruits, vegetables and quality proteins. Diet becomes very easy when you don’t give yourself options.

I’m dead serious about this. People say that food is meant to be enjoyed. I agree to an extent. Here is what happens after a few months of changing your diet. When you Woman jogging.eliminate refined sugars and high-fructose corn syrup, your tastes change. It takes time. I’m not saying you’ll never want these foods. A piece of cake is delicious. I am saying that healthy foods will taste better. You’ll start to feel full with less food. You’ll start to realize that even the worst days at work aren’t that bad when you have mastered your diet. Yeah, you’ve lost your biggest account at work. But you’re healthier today than you were since you can remember. In the face of despair, you didn’t turn to unhealthy food. You won.

Wonder why some cultures are very content eating diets that include fish and rice and pickled vegetables?  Their tastes have become accustomed to the simple flavors in these foods. They love simple balanced tastes. Refined sugars become too sweet. They mask the true flavors in food.

Your surgeon will probably recommend a clear liquid diet your first week after surgery. This is extremely tough. Its low calorie and not very tasty. But use it to start your new life. You’re already miserable recovering from surgery, hunger pains, and withdrawal from carbohydrates. Use this to your advantage. Know that you’ll be miserable anyway, and tough it out. Don’t waiver, don’t give yourself the option, excel and show the world what you can do.

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