Surgery is easy compared to the depression that you’re likely to feel after surgery. Do everything in your power to prevent this and to stay motivated. Buy a Fitbit device and track your steps. Compete against others. Find ways to motivate yourself. You don’t have to run marathons or start Crossfit. You don’t need to be a world-class athlete. You need to stay positive and motivated during your first month after gastric bypass. So set yourself up. Read books, subscribe to podcasts – here are a couple of my favorites; Happiness Through Self Awareness, The Daily Boost . Do something you never thought you’d do. Create a blog and show the world what you’re doing. Check-in with regular photos. Maybe one or two people will visit your website. That’s ok. Now you’re accountable.

More than anything, don’t sit down. Do one more activity. Clean the dishes, pick up after the kids, replace a light bulb. Activity breeds positivity. Why? When you are sitting, your mind wanders and thinks too much. In this case your mind is a terrible thing to use. Being active is an amazing way to shut off your mind. Yoga and meditation are popular for this very reason. But the very same thing applies to most activities. When you’re trying to clean the house, you’re focus is not on food, or on how you didn’t expect recovery would be so difficult. Your focus is on the task at hand.

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