If you’re truly serious about your health and you subscribe to ‘Cheating is not an option,’ and you know that moderation is not the key, then you’ll be successful. Moderation opens the door for cheating. Cheating deflates your progress and lowers your self-confidence. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that already, but its worth repeating. Don’t cheat.

However, we all have weak moments when we do we need help. Didn’t find an accountability partner? Then reach out to anyone. Seriously. Sometimes, its best not to reach out to family. Its likely that your family is supportive but they may not have the best eating habits. And they probably believe that everything in moderation is ok. They don’t understand your struggle.

Empower a co-worker or a friend. Tell them where you are and that you’ve cheated on your diet. You feel like you’re losing it. You’re depressed and unmotivated and you should have never had surgery. Vent.

Here’s the thing. When you talk to friends or even co-workers about your struggle, they are likely to feel privileged that you’ve confided in them. And because they may not see you daily, they are acutely aware of your progress. When you look into the mirror daily, you may forget how far you’ve come. So take pictures, and confide in others when you need help. Will they understand and give you the best advice? Probably not but that’s ok.

When you put it out there that you need help and you need to change, it creates a level of accountability. This is similar to posting your progress on a blog. You’ve told someone that you need to make a change. You may not see that person for another month. But when you do, you’ll know that you confided in that person. They’ll expect progress and they’ll expect change.

And almost everyone wants to be healthier. When I told a friend I was going to go gluten free. My friend said, ‘I’ll do it too.’ And now neither of us has the option to quit. Its been so long since we started our diet that it’s fun to check in from time to time, share recipes and progress. You’d be surprised at what you find when you talk to others about diet. Ever heard of Bullet-Proof Coffee? Neither did I until I told someone I was eating for energy (sounds ridiculous, I know). But you’d be surprised that you’re not the only one trying to be healthy. Skinny or large, we all struggle with our health and we all want to have a friend in the journey to a better life.

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