Pelvic pain in pregnancy (SPD)

Will I recover from SPD after I’ve had my baby ?

You’re very likely to recover within a few weeks to a few months after your baby is born. If you can, carry on with physiotherapy after the birth. Try to get help with looking after your baby during the early weeks.

You may find you get twinges every month just before your period is due. This is likely to be caused by hormones that have a similar effect to pregnancy hormones.

If you have SPD in one pregnancy, it is more likely that you’ll have it next time you get pregnant. Ask your midwife to refer you to a physiotherapist early on. SPD may not necessarily be as bad next time if it is well managed from the start of pregnancy.

You could consider giving yourself a bit of time from one pregnancy to the next. Losing excess weight, getting fit and waiting until your children can walk may help reduce the symptoms of getting any type of pelvic pain next time.

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