Top 5 Causes for Cancer

2. Nutrition

What you eat—it’s actually more about what you don’t get enough of—can impact your chances of getting cancer. Again, British researchers are on top of the latest cancer and nutrition research in four linked studies designed to determine the impact of diet on cancer formation. Scientists studied fruit and vegetable intake, meat consumption, fiber intake, and dietary salt to see how cancer is linked to what we eat.

Just over 9% of cancer cases in the United Kingdom in 2010 were attributed to not eating enough fruits and vegetables. After that, scientists found that processed meat might also be a culprit—with almost 3% of cancer cases linked. The results from fiber and salt were relatively low.

3. Body Weight

Scientists also studied body weight and its relationship to cancer. Being overweight can cause a myriad of metabolic problems, including diabetes. Their study estimated that 5.5% of cancer cases in the United Kingdom were related to being overweight.

The most common types of cancer that overweight people get are uterus, kidney, and esophagus. Body weight is definitely tied to what you eat and there is a genetic component. Based on this research, it looks like there is even more incentive to get your weight down.

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