10 Food Rules for Pain Patients

Easy on the yeast

Yeast, along with its partner in crime, gluten, can be found in a variety of baked goods. Consuming yeast may contribute to the growth of yeast fungus in the body, which can add to pain, says Dr. Holtorf.

Fibromyalgia patients may also be more prone to gluten sensitivities. “Celiac disease is seen in a subset of patients. Avoiding [yeast and gluten] can help some patients improve,” says Dr. Arkfeld.

Don’t eat too much dairy

Some degree of lactose intolerance affects about 70% of adults worldwide, so it’s not surprising that many fibromyalgia patients have trouble digesting dairy products.

In a 1998 study, researchers tested whether blood samples taken from 40 fibromyalgia patients reacted to substances found in various foods; the blood of 25% of the subjects demonstrated an immune response to cow dairy products.

Fibro patients on vegan diets have also seen their symptoms improve.

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