Are Narcissists Aware of Their Disorder?

Ultimately, whether a narcissist knows they are a narcissist is like asking if codependents are aware that they are codependents.  Most are not, unless they’ve experienced an abusive relationship with a narcissistic individual and have begun the research that typically ensues when seeking answers about their partner’s cruelty.

However, unlike a person who learns they have codependent traits and may strive to develop healthier thoughts and habits, narcissists are not at all concerned with self-improvement…unless it’s a façade and a temporary means of reaching an end.  In short, to what extent the narcissistic individual is aware that they are disordered really depends on the gravity of their condition.  But, in any case, don’t expect to get a straight answer to our question from the narcissists themselves.  Their actions always speak louder than their words, and that is what you need to listen to.

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