Lupus and Pregnancy: Risks and Management

Pre-eclampsia is also a major risk factor and is responsible for the high percentage of preterm births to women with lupus. The risks for this include active lupus, renal disease, and high-dose prednisone. High blood pressure in the second trimester is usually a warning that pre-eclampsia may occur.

Studies have found that pregnant women are more at risk of a lupus flare than their non-pregnant counterparts. This poses a big risk to the health of the woman and her unborn child, and can lead to complications such as diabetes, pre-eclampsia, and urinary tract infections.

Women with lupus are considered high-risk pregnancies and need to be monitored more closely by a specialist obstetrician. Unplanned pregnancies can be very high-risk for women with lupus. Taking certain medications in the early stages of pregnancy and lupus flares can be harmful to both mother and baby. Women are advised to try and plan their pregnancies carefully so they coincide with lupus remission.

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