5 Biggest Keto Mistakes

3. Eating Too Much Protein

Different people can handle different amounts of protein once they’re truly fat-adapted. But in the early stages, it’s better to be safe than sorry. What ends up happening if you consume too much protein on this diet is a process called gluconeogenesis. Essentially, your body is going to treat that protein like carbohydrates and convert it into glucose. That will kick you out of ketosis.

It’s very important that you choose high-fat, low-protein foods. You’re not going to be eating a lot of chicken. You’re not going to be eating a lot of tuna. When you go to the store, buy the full-fat ground beef, not the ground turkey. Buy the regular bacon instead of the turkey bacon. You only want 20 percent of your calories to come from protein. If you’re in a pinch and need a convenient meal option, check out the Myoplex Ketogenic Meal Replacement packets, they’ve got the perfect ratio of fat, protein, and carbs to help any keto dieter stay on track.

Wondering how that looks in macros, or even a meal plan? Check out our complete meal plan and supplement guide.

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