Can Lyme Be Sexually Transmitted?

Q:  But shouldn’t I have my sexual partner tested to prevent him or her from transmitting the germ back to me during or after treatment?

A:   I do not think so. During treatment it is highly unlikely that your partner will transmit Lyme to you because the herbal or prescription antibiotics you take will prevent this from happening.

At the end of treatment a person should take the steps outlined in Finished? to prevent a Lyme relapse. I also believe these same steps that support the immune system will prevent the Lyme germs from a sexual partner to take hold. However, if I have a patient who has a relapse, I am likely to recommend they follow all of the steps outlined in Finished? including the recommendations about preventive herbal or prescription antibiotics. Even if a healthy sexual partner is treated for Lyme infection, there is no proof that the germ is eradicated at the end of his or her treatment. So it is best to follow the steps in outlined in Finished?.

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