Can Dyslexia Be Cured?

A Dietary Cure for Dyslexia?

In The Diet Piece of the Dyslexia Puzzle, I discuss a study that indicated that fish oil, presumably the Omega 3’s in the oil, had a positive effect on reading ability. The change happened quite rapidly in the study, indicating that it was probably affecting something physical, rather than just increasing a child’s ability to learn over time. A similar sort of outcome occurred in a study involving multivitamins. Both of these studies support the notion that dyslexia involves certain processing abilities of the brain, including possibly visual processing, and that the supplementation enabled that processing to proceed more normally, at least during the time period of the study.

Deficiencies of both Omega-3’s and Vitamin D3 could be causal factors in dyslexia.In addition, in that section, I introduce Dr. John Cannell’s Vitamin D Theory of Autism, a theory in which Dr. Cannell postulates that the autism epidemic we are now experiencing is due to a widespread vitamin D3 deficiency. I believe he makes an excellent case. Furthermore, it would not surprise me to find that the vitamin D3 deficiency is also causing an increase in the incidence of dyslexia, as well as those suffering from ADHD symptoms, since all of these are conditions characterized by delays or disruptions in normal child development processes and share many common symptoms.

Should it turn out that proper diet, or supplementation, keeps the dyslexia gene set to “off” in most individuals, then it’s reasonable to consider those individuals to be curedof dyslexia, although really that’s not accurate either, since they never really had dyslexia if the gene was never actually “on.” However, should it eventually turn out that some individuals experience a treatment effect, and that their existing dyslexia symptoms disappear due to following a suitable diet or supplementation, I suppose they would be considered cured. Still, they would carry the genetic predisposition and could pass it on to their children.

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