Can Dyslexia Be Cured?

Other Possible Cures?

In both The Auditory Piece of the Dyslexia Puzzle and The Exercise Piece of the Dyslexia Puzzle I briefly discuss other avenues of treatment for dyslexia, treatments that others have claimed will address a reading problem effectively. Because many of these purported treatments do address fundamental developmental issues, I would not rule out the possibility that some of them might be of value, at least in certain cases.

After all, if dyslexia is characterized as a pattern of delayed development across several fronts, then any therapy that accelerated development on one of those fronts, auditory, visual, fine motor, or gross motor, stands a chance of improving development on other fronts as well. So, I remain quite open to claims that, say, an auditory program might remove a particular developmental roadblock, or even several roadblocks, and thereby create an efficient reader. Should one of these therapies somehow correct all of the developmental delays, I suppose it could be considered to have cured dyslexia. I currently know of no such therapy, however, though I have no doubt that some of them can improve the reading ability of certain dyslexic individuals. In fact, this is one reason dyslexia is such a puzzle; because so many different approaches to the issue show promise in at least some individuals.

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