7 Strategies for Dealing With Work Anxiety

  • You’re at a job you can’t leave, either because you haven’t found a new job or because you have to stay for family reasons.
  • You have a job in a company that has cubicles or offices. Retail jobs, restaurant jobs, and work-from-home jobs should still be relevant for the tips below, however, but a few of them may be more difficult.
  • You’re good at your career. Trying hard is still a very important part of overcoming anxiety. If you’re not trying hard, then being anxious is more likely. So make sure that you’re doing your best to be a great employee.
  • Your anxiety isn’t about money. Work anxiety related to the money you earn is a different type of life anxiety, and often the key to overcoming that anxiety has a lot to do with changing your priorities and budgeting. You may not get paid what you’re worth, and that may cause some anxiety, but we’re going to assume for the purposes of this article that financial stress isn’t the cause of your anxiety.

Another thing that’s important to remember is that you decide how important your work is to you. Work itself is supposed to be a means to an end. Those that find themselves very stressed at work often give too much value to what happens in the workplace. While you should always try hard and be ambitious, you should also remember that the purpose of work is to live a great home life – if you can learn to change your priorities so that work doesn’t bother you as much, you’ll find that your anxiety work isn’t as severe.

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