Is a Vegan Ketogenic diet Possible ?

Leucine threshold

To maintain muscle mass or grow more of it, one thing you need to do is consume enough of the amino acid leucine. This is also known as the leucine threshold [14].Not only do you need enough leucine, you need enough of a few of the other 21 amino acids to then provide the building blocks for the actual building of muscle building. Reaching the leucine threshold with enough of the other bioavailable amino acids will be difficulting this with plant foods alone will require eating a ton of greens because.

Given all these issues, what do you do ?

What plant sources of protein should I use on my vegan ketogenic diet?

Try this. Despite it’s low total protein and high carb content, potatoes have a relatively complete amino acid (or protein) score, at about 1% fat, 97% carbs and 2% protein.

Same goes for quinoa, the plant-based darling pseudo-grain. It’s lower in carbs though, showing a more favorable profile compared to potatoes, with about 14% fat, 71% carbs and 15% protein.

Hemp seeds, possibly a neck-and-neck winner with quinoa, contains about 74% carbs, 4% carbs and 22% protein.

But no, soybeans may take the win! Soybeans are about 38% fat, 32% carbs and 30% protein and nearly as complete as potatoes and quinoa.

The trick may be to include mostly soybeans, hemp and quinoa for the protein content and completeness of amino acid score.

To be clear, take one animal food and one plant food with identical protein content and amino acid profiles. You’ll have considerably more useable protein from the animal source.

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