Sleeping with a Narcissist? Always Keep One Eye Open!

Narcissism seems to have become a contemporary epidemic. The technology available allows us to access and disseminate personal information and create your own “personal PR buzz” in ways that no other generation has been able to do. While true Narcissistic Personality Disorder is rarer that the appearance of tendencies or traits, the skills that individuals who are inclined towards narcissism develop can be honed and practiced with larger, more far reaching audiences – which only tends to reinforce these traits in people with these tendencies.

Narcissistic individuals are often surprisingly adept at reeling in romantic partners as their drive to be the center of attention motivates them to refine their skills at sexual attraction. Generally, once a sexual narcissist has conquered the challenge of attracting a targeted partner, the need to move on to another conquest is already growing and the desire to please the latest partner begins evaporating. It’s almost like a “catch and release” tournament in which a fish is reeled in, weighed and measured, then tossed back into the water – with no regard for the potential stress or anxiety the creature experiences.

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