4 Types of Narcissists That Empaths Unknowingly Attract

While the narcissist and the empath lie at opposite ends of the same spectrum, the two often have a very magnetic attraction for reasons largely unknown. Many people have speculated as to why this attraction exists on such an intense level, but it might be simpler than we think. It very well may be a very strong case of ‘opposites attract.’

Just as with most things in life, balance is often key. Empaths’ deep loving and caring nature often has them struggling when it comes to putting up healthy boundaries to protect themselves from victimhood, co-dependency, martyrdom, and self-sacrifice. On the other hand, narcissists like to use a guise of charisma and charm to seem attractive, even though they are typically self-centered, apathetic, and somewhat cruel.

Here are the four main types of narcissists we empaths sometimes draw into our lives unknowingly:

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