5 Simple Ways to Keep Ticks and Lyme Disease Out of Your Yard!

3. Keep Wood Piles Neat

Wood piles are another hangout spot for ticks, especially if the wood is stacked in the shade. Keep the wood neatly stacked in a spot that gets some sun. It’ll dry out faster and keep it from staying moist — the preferred atmosphere for ticks.

4. Use Plants

There are plenty of tick repellents available, but the majority of them contain harsh chemicals. Instead of using a chemical repellent, try planting American beautyberry bushes. Their leaves have been known to repel ticks.

5. Invest in a Tick-Eater

This isn’t an option for everyone, but if you have some land and you really want to keep ticks away, consider buying a few chickens. You’ll have fresh eggs and they’ll peck away at any ticks that make their way into your yard. Guinea hens will also protect your yard from ticks. Just be sure to do your research to find the proper shelter and food your new additions will need.

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