8 symptoms of fibromyalgia you should be aware of!

The major symptoms of fibromyalgia syndrome include:

1. Severe fatigue: As the muscles are affected in the case of fibromyalgia, you might experience a lack of energy and severe fatigue, which tends to either increase or decrease in severity with time. Read more on when fatigue means much more than tiredness.

2. Insomnia: Due to severe pain in the tender points, especially on the neck and back, you might face difficulty while sleeping. And this, in turn, might lead to insomnia and waking up tired.

3. Difficulty in concentration: rheumatic condition, fibromyalgia affects themusculoskeletal functioning of the body. This might also affect the neurological function leading to difficulty in concentration and memory.

4. Tension and migraine headaches: As stress can worsen the condition, people suffering from fibromyalgia also experience tension headaches and migraine headaches. Instead of taking a pill to deal with a headache, consult your doctor to know the exact reason for it and then treat it.

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