The Know-It-All Narcissist

This co-worker is always eager to give her opinion, even when unsolicited, and believes she knows more than anyone else, no matter the topic under conversation. She usually finds it difficult to collaborate because she considers herself smarter and more insightful than anyone else. She likes to lecture. She has a hard time listening because she’s too busy thinking about what she wants to say next.

What Steve Madden learned from his bad behavior. The company’s founder reflects on his portrayal in Scorsese’s ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ and the decisions he made in the 80’s.

How to cope: If possible, ignore her “helpful” suggestions, or offer polite thanks and move on. A direct challenge will most likely lead her to escalate her efforts to prove herself cleverer or better informed. You might also try modeling humility and expressing a flexible point of view. Be open to her views without necessarily endorsing them. It also helps to have a sense of humor. If you’re not triggered by her superior or condescending manner, you might find the Know-It-All Narcissist a bit absurd and ultimately harmless.

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