The 5 types of toxic narcissists at work

The Grandiose Narcissist

This colleague more obviously demonstrates the familiar kind of narcissism we all recognize. He sees himself as more important and influential than everyone else. He touts his own accomplishments, exaggerates their importance, and wants to elicit your envy or admiration. He believes he is destined for the highest positions in the company. When charismatic and driven, his achievements may actually match his ambition, and you may find yourself drawn into an admiring orbit around him.

How to cope: His assertions of superiority might make you want to stand up for yourself and compete. Don’t. Any challenge will only cause him to escalate his efforts to appear superior. On the other hand, you may find yourself drawn to a Grandiose Narcissist with charisma because you want to share in his superiority. He might strike you as a sort of celebrity, a person you’d like to submit to and serve. Be careful not to give too much. The Grandiose Narcissist won’t feel grateful and will do nothing to advance your own career unless there’s something in it for him. If necessary, he will discard you without a second though

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