6 Ways To Love Someone Dealing With BPD Even Harder Than Before

1. Rely On Strength and Patience

BPD can possibly be damaging to the patient, as well as, the patient’s partner; this is why it takes a very strong individual to make it work. It may benefit you to seek counseling to improve your emotional strength and practice using the patience necessary to make a relationship successful.

2. Accept Your Role as Emotional Support

Kraft Goin, MD, of the University of Southern California reports, “Borderlines need a person who is a constant, continuing, empathic force in their lives; someone who can listen and handle being the target of intense rage and idealization while concurrently defining limits and boundaries with firmness and candor.” It’s up to you as the emotional caretaker to ensure that you keep up a steady routine, set and maintain boundaries, and allow them to face the consequences of their actions. Firm, but unconditional love will steadily improve their condition.

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