5 things I wish I knew before going keto

My husband Declan and I are currently eating keto. Why? Well keto is the new black. Everyone’s talking keto and what better way to test out the new craze then to embark on the keto way of living. So we set ourselves an eight week experiment to lower our carbs, increase our good fat and get our bodies in to ketosis. Here are the five thoughts that run through your head.

1. You can survive without your beloved carbs but it will be brutal

At first I was afraid, I was petrified! Carbs and I go way back. So removing them was not easy! And what happens when you remove carbs? The Carb Flu – when your body starts to freak out on you. You see, when you eat carbs your body turns those carbs in to glucose and that’s what your body uses as its primary source of energy. When you take that glucose away by decreasing the amount of carbs you eat, your body needs to look for something else to use for energy. So it turns to your fat stores. And that’s exactly what we want on our keto journey. This metabolic state is called Ketosis. I’m not going to lie to you, the first two weeks of eating keto are brutal and your body doesn’t go down without a fight during this transition. You feel lethargic, a little cranky and generally hangry and you will think to yourself surely one or two Oreos won’t hurt? But Carb Flu is exactly what you want. It means you are transitioning to using those fat stores for energy. The Carb Flu is short lived, maybe for a few days and then once you transition in to ketosis.

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