My Top 5 Tips to Make it Easy to Start a Keto Diet

So you’re thinking about starting a ketogenic diet, but feeling a little overwhelmed?

Or perhaps you’ve tried a keto diet, but have struggled to stay on track or lose weight?

Or maybe you just can’t seem to figure out all the math?

And maybe you keep tweaking your approach because all the info out there has you confused?!?

I have been following a ketogenic diet since May 2015 and have had tremendous success. Healing chronic pain, reversing metabolic syndrome, normalizing blood glucose, normalizing blood pressure, healing adrenal fatigue, massive weight loss, and more. (You can read all about it here.)

How did I do it? What are the secrets to my success? Well, I’ve discovered that there are actually 5 secrets to making a keto diet as easy as possible. And this works for starting, rebooting, and maintaining.

My goals when starting:

  • Make it easy to follow a keto diet
  • Get into ketosis as fast as possible
  • Minimize cravings short- and long-term

So without further ado…

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