Signs of A Narcissistic Sociopath

So you have met him or her! The perfect person to spend the rest of your life with! Hold On!!! Not so fast!! Ask yourself these following questions, they may bring some clarity to who/what you are actually dealing with.

  • Charming~do they say all the right things? Are they over-the-top with compliments? Never ending stream of hearts & flower words? Numerous text and emails to you? Has this abundance of charm set them apart from anyone else you have met? Are they to good to be true?
  • Egocentric & Grandiose~have they told you how successful their career is? If they are a parent, have they told you what a hand’s on parent they have been? Has everything in their life been pretty much ‘perfect’? {except for the ex-relationships}. Do they exude an elevated self-entitlement attitude? Appear to be highly educated and/or knowledgeable about pretty much everything?
  • Disconnection of Their Past~do they have any relationship with their family? Do they talk about a dysfunctional childhood? Do they tell you how horrid their ex was? Have you met any of their life-long {or long term friends}? Probably not as they are non-existent. Are they superficial when talking of their past? {yet delve deep into yours with questions?}

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