Signs of A Narcissistic Sociopath

  • The Victim~of all the bad things that have happened in their past, was it because of someone else? Did they miss out on a promotion because someone else knew how to “screw the system”, or the boss is a ‘douche-bag’? Did they get a divorce because the ex is ‘crazy’, or ‘bi-polar’, or ‘had an affair’ {or whatever numerous excuses they have}.  Do they not have shared custody of children because the ex “lied in court”, or the “their attorney screwed them over”? Is there a pattern of what I call the blame game?
  • Abundance of Your Time~ do they want you to spend ALL of your time with them? Do they plan things and basically do not give you the option of saying ‘no’? Do they send excessive text messages hourly? Excessive phone calls daily. You know what the ‘excessive’ is. Are they love-bombing you?
  • Moving Fast~has the relationship progressed quickly?Are they telling you they have met their soul mate and are in love with you? {after only a very short time} Have they told you they have never met anyone like you? Are they already planning a forever future with you and your still at square one?
  • Intimacy~ have they bragged about how wonderful they are in bed?  They have set in place an invisible connection that makes you feel like you are the best match ever for him/her in the intimacy department. Do they make you feel as if you are the only lover who could ever satisfy them? {This also gives you a false sense of what will become a doomed relationship.} Is the sex euphoric? Unlike any you have experienced?

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