Signs of A Narcissistic Sociopath

  • Liar~Liar~i wrote a post about the pathological lying, the manipulation of words. Do they tell you a lie, that you know in fact is a lie, yet deflect the conversation if you try and discuss it with them? Do you feel they are deceiving you and not being transparent, yet demanding expecting you to be? Are you finding things they say just don’t add up? Are there inconsistencies with their stories?
  • Prey’s on your emotions~ have they told you something to obtain sympathy from you? Do they need you for financial reasons? Are you finding inconsistencies with their stories of success? Do you feel mentally drained sometimes after spending time with them?
  • The Art of Coning~ do you find they can talk for hours about pretty much nothing? Conversations from them are about some incident or experience that happened a long time ago, but can go on and on about it? Yet, if you question something about their most recent relationship/job/friends….they turn the conversation around to a different direction without giving you a clear answer? Are they telling you of the goals they have for the two of you? Are they feeding you false promises of a life spent in bliss?
  • Impulse Control~or lack of actually? Do they do things without regard to consequences? Do they talk to certain people one way, and then someone else completely different? Do they disappear for any length of time, and have a lame lie excuse to their whereabouts? Are they careless with finances?

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