Things Your Narcissist Ex Will Do – Breakup That Prove You Were Right To End it

2. Narcissists are in it to win it.

Let’s be honest, nobody wins in a breakup. But if both parties can come to a fair and just agreement, the end result is far more satisfying.

Narcissists are not likely to view any agreement as fair or just. They’re in it to win it. There will be no negotiation and no mediation. Any sort of compromise on their part will be seen as defeat.

Narcissists need to be validated, and in this case, proven right. They’ll say anything (no matter how far-fetched the lie) to get what they want.

The story they spew during the breakup will probably be far from the truth as they attempt to save face.

3. Narcissists aren’t afraid to sling mud.

If you were married to this person, they will bring the baggage to the courtroom.

Narcissists will sling whatever mud they can get their hands on – whether it’s true or not – just to see what sticks.

Be prepared for your partner to tell everyone how you’re the bad guy, whether it be among your friend group or in front of a judge.

let go

Narcissists lack empathy, have a desire to win above all else and could care less about the consequences of their behavior.

Your ex will work hard to pollute the waters and paint you black to your co-workers, family, friends and anyone else who will lend their ears.

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