Alcoholism and its effects on internal organs

Impact of Alcohol Use on the Heart

Chronic and heavy alcohol users may over time develop high blood pressure, slow circulation, an irregular heartbeat and they may cause damage to the heart muscle. These changes put the alcohol user at risk for heart attack and stroke. Once the heart suffers significant damage, there is no undoing it.


The liver is the part of the body that suffers the most from chronic and excessive alcohol use. Cirrhosis – or a scarring of the liver – is a condition that occurs from alcohol use. The scars are permanent and cannot be healed. Overtime, cirrhosis can be fatal. Liver damage can also lead to the collecting of fluid in the abdomen.

Binge drinking

This occurs more frequently than reported especially on college campuses and has become prevalent among high school students. Alcohol poisoning and asphyxiation are not uncommon when there is rapid and excessive alcohol consumption and can be more lethal than moderate to heavy consumption over many years.

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