How Do Children Become Narcissists?

Example: Cindi and the “Great Man”

Cindi was the personal assistant of the CEO of her company.  She admired him and lived to serve him.  She felt special through association with him.  She treasured any small bits of praise that she had received over the years from him and kept all the Holiday and Birthday cards that he had given her.  Cindi never married because she was so focused on her job and had Narcissistic values herself.  Whenever she met men who wanted to date her, they always seemed lacking compared to her boss. As she explained to one of her girlfriends, “After working so closely with my boss, other men just seem too inferior to bother with.”

Punchline: Once you know what to look for, it is easy to see how certain childhood home environments support Narcissistic adaptations by the children.  In some homes, becoming a Narcissist is often the only sane solution.

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