Not reaching out to others

“Everybody needs a friend they can talk to about their illness,” Dr. Baethge says.

Support groups can be helpful too.

Find a local chapter of the National Fibromyalgia Association or check out one of many online sites geared to help those with fibromyalgia.


Not talking about it

You may be sick of thinking and talking about your pain and, unfortunately, you might feel like your doctor, your family, and even friends are sick of it too.

But clamming up isn’t necessarily your best bet.

You can talk about fibromyalgia pain in a way that can benefit not only you but also others with the same condition: by becoming an advocate for a fibromyalgia organization.


Feeling guilty

Don’t beat yourself up about being depressed, angry, frustrated, or scared.

“It’s reasonable to become depressed,” says Dr. Baethge. “Any normal person who hurts all the time is going to feel that way.”

And feeling guilty on top of being depressed is simply going to make the pain worse, he adds.


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