Adrenal Fatigue: Is It Real?

Find Out What’s Causing Your Fatigue

If unusual fatigue is bothering you, these steps can help ensure that you get the proper treatment:

Talk to your doctor. Your primary care doctor can check you for common illnesses that cause fatigue. If you do have a hormone-related problem, McGill says, you may want to see an endocrinologist — a doctor who focuses on hormones. This doctor can do a variety of tests to check your hormone levels.

Be cautious with unproven treatments. According to the Endocrine Society, some supplements sold for adrenal health may be harmful. Some of these contain extracts of human hormone glands.

Think about your lifestyle. The basic elements of a healthy lifestyle will help you feel more energized, McGill says. Try to:

  • Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean meat. Avoid junk food.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Exercise regularly.

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